Our products have always been categorized as critical for all products they are put into. For this reason, cable harnesses and switches must always meet the highest quality standards.

The production processes at Elsim Commerce are subject to constant control and improvement. The company has implemented the ISO9001 quality control system for over 15 years. Through the documentation entered, the production of each product can be tracked throughout the entire process cycle.

To be able to verify the quality of our products we have and use all the necessary measuring instruments, a tester for measuring the disconnection force after crimp, a voltage drop tester as well as a tester for complete inspection of finished cable harnesses (including proper connectivity, short circuits, presence of diodes, resistors, capacitors, etc.). All of our measuring instruments undergo mandatory annual inspection and calibration.

In addition to periodic inspections of production machines and tools, all of our products undergo a 100% final visual inspection, which serves as an additional guarantee to our customers that they will receive products of the highest quality.

Over the years, the effort we put into maintaining and improving the quality of our products is proven through our customers, with whom we continue to work for decades.

Declarations of quality