The company has semi-automatic and automatic processing capabilities for wires and cables with cross sections from 0.08 mm2 (AWG 28) to 150 mm2 (AWG 300MCM ). The experience accumulated over the years, as well as the constantly updated and improved equipment enable us to process almost all types of terminals and nozzles. These technological capabilities combined with the abilities of the company’s highly skilled employees allow us to produce cable harnesses of any complexity for all areas of the industry.

With the addition of metalworking equipment, our capabilities have reached a stage where we can offer our customers both standard and non-standard turned parts as well as more complex metal products, which in turn make our customers’ jobs easier and their production costs shorter.

For all metal products Elsim Commerce offers its customers different surface treatments depending on the metal. This includes degreasing and passivation of non-ferrous metals, various electroplating coatings as well as powder priming and painting of steel products.

In 2015, our production and warehousing space reached its maximum capacity, so we moved to newer and more modern premises with over 1500 m2 of production and warehousing space and have been gradually increasing it ever since.

We are currently working on an area of over 2500 m2. Our highly skilled staff of over 30 people, most of whom are qualified engineers and technicians, are ready to produce even the most challenging products our customers need.