Елсим Комерс - производство на кабелни комутации

Turned hinges

Elsim Commerce Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of cable harnesses and switches.

Due to customer demand in recent years, we have expanded our capabilities with universal and automatic metal working machines. We offer turned hinges from F8 to F36, plain and with ball and beam from F18 to F36.

Our options are as follows:

  • Universal drilling, grinding, milling and polishing machines
  • Automatic lathes for machining metal bars up to 20, 40 and 56 mm
  • Universal electric and hydraulic presses up to 6,3, 40, 100 t
  • Different types of welding: spot, arc, CO2, etc.

*Made of calibrated 11SMnPb30 autogenous steel

Our potential for pressed parts is limitless due to our ability to manufacture or supply specialist dies and tooling. Our partners in this field are companies with extensive experience in the design and development of tools and instruments for the processing of metals and plastics.

We also have reliable partners for different types of surface treatments, electroplating, chemical or plastic coating of various metals.

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