With the development and introduction into production of non-standard cable moulds and bundles, the need for metalworking of non-ferrous and ferrous metals also emerged.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have gradually started to introduce different manufacturing processes in the field of metalworking. The products we can manufacture for our customers include both non-standard turned and milled parts as well as sheet metal parts.

Due to the demand of our customers in recent years, we have expanded our capabilities with universal and automatic metal processing machines. Our options are as follows:

  • Universal machines for drilling, grinding, milling and polishing
  • Automatic lathes for machining metal bars up to 20, 40 and 56 mm
  • universal electric and hydraulic presses up to 6,3, 40, 100 t
  • Various types of welding – spot, arc, CO2, etc.

Our potential for pressed parts is unlimited due to our ability to manufacture or supply specialised tool dies. Our partners in this field are companies with extensive experience in the design and development of tools as well as tools for the processing of metals and plastics.

The metal surface treatment methods we offer are passivation of non-ferrous metals, any electroplating, powder coating of ferrous metal products, chemical or plastic coating of various metals.