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MEDI Kabel is one of the leading suppliers of cables and wires with the highest level of quality.

It is located in Waldkreiburg, in the middle of the Bavarian Chemical Triangle and close to the Munich metropolitan area. 1986, G. Merx and R. Diem moved their electronics company (now. MEDI Kabelhandels GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Merx, Diem & Co. GmbH. Although the company name might suggest it: medical technology. This is not the only industry sector in which it operates.

G. Merx and R. Diem decided to set up a trading company for cables not used in their production. With our combination of a modern warehouse and logistics system, as well as a highly motivated and competent team, Elsim Commerce provides many economic and infrastructural advantages as a reliable partner.

We keep the established standard cables in stock in our modern warehouse. And if the standard does not meet requirements, we have additional options: we develop and construct a customized cable solution according to requirements.

We offer 24 hour consultation and development for the right solution and also suggest feasibility, build and implementation checks. In addition, we generate the necessary documentation and accompany the project from product development until it is ready for serial production.

Portfolio and products

MEDI Kabel offers a broad portfolio: it has the common standard cables (VDE, HAR, UL/ CSA, MTW), also offers:

  • Single conductors (with and without UL/CSA approval)
  • Multicore cables (with and without UL/CSA approval)
  • Optical, special cables and spiral cables
  • Ribbon cables Coaxial cables
  • Heat shrink tubing, silicone tubing, poly braid, etc; Cables for automotive industry: FLY, FLRY
  • High voltage cable
  • Hybrid cable
  • without halogen cables
  • High temperature resistant cables
  • Control cables for robots, etc.
  • Cables for the elevator industry
  • Cable with low and high voltage etc on request

MEDI Kabel is a representative of 3M, LEONI, Belden and REHAU.

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